Too Many Orders? We Offer Personalized Fulfillment Services


The growth of e-commerce has increased competition within the retail industry. Companies are always looking for new ways to make their customers happy and stay ahead of their competitors. However, to meet increasing consumer demand, businesses must be able to move products quickly and accurately. FellowShip’s order fulfillment services can help you meet this demand.

Order Fulfillment

FellowShip’s efficient fulfillment services include the storage, packaging, and shipping of products on behalf of your company. These services are designed for both e-commerce orders and brick-and-mortar companies and include:


  • Warehousing

  • Inventory Management

  • 2-Day Shipping

  • Packaging and Labeling

  • Returns Processing

As e-commerce businesses continue to grow and compete in today’s global marketplace, they are looking for new ways to streamline operations and boost sales. This is where FellowShip comes in. With industry experience in fulfillment, logistics, and warehousing, we help e-commerce businesses optimize supply chain processes, reduce costs, integrate systems and technologies, and more.

Whether you need assistance with warehousing or order fulfillment services, we provide the expertise you need to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. If you’re looking to take your e-commerce business to the next level, consider partnering with us.

Fulfillment for E-Commerce


Amazon SFP

In addition to our fulfillment services, FellowShip also offers retailers the opportunity to become a part of Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program. Our experienced team has all the knowledge to meet Amazon’s required fulfillment standards and metrics to reliably handle fulfillment for your products and keep your account active.

2-Day Shipping

Our warehouses strategically located across the country give us the advantage of offering 2-day shipping to 99% of the populated United States. With this service, orders will arrive at their destination faster at the lowest possible cost, increasing your sales margin and making happy customers who are more likely to order from you again in the future.

Returns Processing

If your customers’ orders are not received satisfactorily, we can help you process replacements or returns as quickly as possible. We’ll even help with relisting returns for resale.

Our 3PL Promise

Partnering with FellowShip as your 3PL order fulfillment company can offer many benefits, including:


  • Consolidated Costs – By outsourcing your order fulfillment needs with us, you could save on the cost of labor, shipping, and warehouse space.

  • Increased Efficiency – We have the experience and systems to ensure that your orders are processed quickly and accurately. As your business grows, we can scale our 3PL logistics services to meet the changing needs of your business.

  • Uncapped Growth – There is no limit, continue growth in sales

  • Happy Customers – With FellowShip’s order fulfillment services, your customers will receive their orders faster and with better accuracy, leading to consistent customer satisfaction and lifelong loyalty.


Partner With Us

FellowShip Warehousing & Logistics offers a wide range of logistics and 3PL services to help get businesses’ products to the market on time. Our state-of-the-art warehousing space features complete racking, shelving, and cutting-edge technology.

Our systems provide our customers complete visibility of their inventory as it is received, shipped, and everything in between through a robust and high-end warehouse management system and state-of-the-art scanning equipment. From our in-depth experience in logistics services and handling a wide variety of products, we are keenly aware of the need for our customers’ orders to be handled efficiently and professionally.

Our 3PL Services

Experience complete visibility of your inventory through real-time warehouse information available anytime. Our warehouses are equipped with systems that ensure your products are organized securely and efficiently until they reach their destination.

We offer the latest technology, agile expertise, and unbeatable customer service to create a seamless experience from order to doorstep. Our Moreno Valley warehouse on the West Coast and Bristol warehouse on the East Coast have everything you need to carry out your business’s logistics and fulfillment needs.

Exceed Customer Expectations

FellowShip Warehousing & Logistics is a 3PL company that provides best-in-class services to make fulfillment a breeze for you while you keep your customers happy.

Our services help our clients gain a competitive advantage in a crowded market. Our warehousing, shipping, and inventory management systems are fully integrated to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.


Contact us today to get started by calling (951) 363-1000 or emailing us at info@fellowshipco.com